Notice your child’s responses

Track Your Child’s Holistic growth

You can log observations immediately as they happen, complete with photo or video, without taking time away from your children. Your views can be linked to a variety of curriculum provide learning materials like worksheets, example videos, artefacts etc at the touch of a button without the need for folders and paperwork. Access and report on developmental milestones of the child.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

You can track the social, emotional and personal development of your child. LinksChild generates changes and new beginnings, safety, effective learning, values and ideas and much more without you lifting a finger. It doesn’t stop there, the system is packed full of useful analysis tools and we are always adding new reports to make your life easier. 

A toolkit for Early Year Library

Academic Learning

Technology-assisted learning

Art & Craft

Embrace the child’s artistic side

Physical Development

Observe the child’s physical growth

Sensory Learning

Notice your child’s responses

Personal Learning

Watch the personal growth

Social Learning

Observe new behaviour you child acquires

Emotional Learning

Understand and manage emotions


A whole lot of interesting themes


See how your child bounces to the rhythm