Mapping the children’s new world order.

Hello everyone, welcome to the most fantastic child care management software. After so many years of detailed research and analysis, we came up with the idea to create this product in 2019, to nurture the happiness at our best. Society is becoming increasingly isolated- neighbourhoods, families, and generations are separated by the pace and practice of modern-day life. LinksChild family believes that it takes a community to raise a child, and we have created LinksChild to support this belief.

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be their best, and to make parenting easy, joyful and rewarding experience. We used the latest research and training, alongside community stories and expertise to develop and deliver services that meet the need of today’s generation.

From enrolment to smart invoicing and billing LinksChild will be there as a steadying hand on the journey you take with your child, every step of the way. We are seamless integration with state standards, school indicators and beyond!



LinksChild is everything you need to run your childcare services. The comprehensive software, developed by a team with decades of experience in childcare subsidy, offers various applications and features to help you run your childcare services professionally and effectively.

We at LinksChild, strive to meet the following goals for each & every child.